All Natural (born on a farm that follows most applicable Canadian Organic Standards (but is not certified), finished on certified organic Littledown Farms)

All meat is Ontario Government inspected, weighed, cut, wrapped and fast-frozen at Mr Beef Meat Packers, Pakenham, ON

* Approximate weight after 2-weeks hanging - will vary between individual animals.  All pricing is based on this weight
** Weight of wrapped meat is affected by cutting loss - this will vary between portions of animals and depends on cutting instructions of customer, e.g. “Country Style” has bones in roasts, and regular ground beef; “Boned and Rolled” has roasts with no bones; “Lean” has most fat removed from ground beef.  Unless by special request, “Normal” cutting includes: roasts (shoulder, rump, round, sirloin tip); steaks (rib, T-bone, sirloin, round); ground beef; stewing beef.  Special requests can be made: e.g. rib roasts (instead of rib steaks), tenderloin (instead of T-bone steaks); round and sirloin tip roasts included in ground beef.  Special requests may affect the loss on cutting. Organ meats available on request.
*** Note that ½ sides and 1/4 sides (eighths) are also available at the same price.

Weight* Meat Price $/lb Cutting & wrapping $/lb Approx % wt. loss on cutting** Approx. Cut wt. (lb) ** Est "in your freezer" cost $/lb
Side*** 270 6.10 0.85 30 190 (1/2 side 95; 1/8th 47) 9.88
Front 1/4 135 5.60 0.85 35 90 9.68
Hind 1/4 135 6.60 0.85 25 100 10.06

All-Natural Grass-Fed Beef Prices